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    How to report on circuit uitilization


      I know this is a very basic question but I am not very skilled with the report writer or SQL. I am trying to produce a report that will show me the average bandwidth uitilization for our offices during business hours. Or that is what i think I need to report. Bascially would like to be able to show leadership how the new hired staff add additional drain on the current offfic circuits. We see this when reviewing the individual multilink connections via the node view in NPM and using the canned reports there but I would like to make a single report that could be mailed out each week that would show all offices compared to each other. Idea being if office X hires 5 new staff I would expect to see the uitilization increase in that office. If office B hires 10 staff I would expect to see more increased uitilization in that office. Obviously there are other factors but for the most part our staff are all doing a very similar job using a similar amount of bandwidth each day. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance and apologies for the noobish question.