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    Remote rename via Scheduler?


      I would like to use Scheduler to download files from a partner's FTP site.  The partner requires that I move the remote file to an archive folder on their site after I successfully download it.  I don't see a direct way to do that with Scheduler.


      The Auto Rename functionality won't do it because it just morphs the name when uploading/downloading; it cannot be used to just rename/move the file remotely.  I can create custom commands (RNFR and RNTO), but Scheduler can only run them upon start-up; I need them to run upon successful download.  The only way I see to do it is to run another action to then upload the just-downloaded file to the archive location on the FTP server.  That seems like a round-about way to do a remote rename and requires twice the traffic over the wire.


      Am I missing something?