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    Data Aggregation only 15 minutes for 1 day !?!?


      Hey Guys,


      I've been asked to provide a report on a QoS band usage for the previous week, however wen I go back, the data has been aggregated up to a full day in very short order.


      I can see that in 3.10, you can select either a named time period, relative time period or absolute time period. The issue is that you can't select the data roll-up (i.e. 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc) when you select the data (or i'm missing it).


      The data i'm looking for is the traffic for last week from Mon-Fri at a 15 minute intervals.


      When I view:

      - Today - I get it in 15 minute intervals

      - Last 2 days - I get it in 1 hour intervals

      - Last 3 days - I now get it in 1 day intervals



      - Advice on how to do this (at 15 minutes) if i've missed the blindingly obvious

      - Advice on how to retain it at 15 minute intervals for much longer, as 1 hour roll-ups after 1 day really isn't going to work in any capacity management sense


      We don't use NetFlow into the system (only CBQOS) so pumping out the DB to get more granularity is no problems.


      Database settings are:

      - Keep uncompressed data for 60 minutes

      - Keep compressed data for 33 days

      - Delete expired flow data nightly (but have just changed to once every ten days)


      Many thanks