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    User Device Tracker v3.0 is Now Available!


      We are pleased to announce the general availability of SolarWinds User Device Tracker v3.0.


      Version 3.0 includes the following enhancements:

      • Whitelisting – Set up a white list of devices based on MAC address, IP address, or hostname.
      • Trap notifications - Get connectivity information in "real time"; receive an alert when a device not on whitelist connects to the network.
      • Watch List - Add users to the Watch List.
      • Domain Controller Wizard - Facilitate collection of user login information by configuring appropriate logging level on Windows® servers.
      • Virtual Route and Forwarding (VRF) - Polls devices for VRF data.
      • Alerts - Get an alert when an endpoint port changes.
      • Reports - See a report on Wireless Endpoints.
      • Groups - Add UDT ports to groups.
      • Port Shutdown - Remotely shutdown a compromised device port.
      • Support of Windows Server 2012

      UDT v3.0 is available for download in your customer portal for those customers under current SolarWinds UDT maintenance.

      You can view the full set of release notes, including problems fixed here.


      Enjoy UDT 3.0!