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    Virtualization Manager RC is now available to all customers




      If you are a Virtualization Manager customer with maintenance, you can upgrade to the latest Virtualization Manager (5.1.1).  If you would like to try it out, please login to the customer portal and look to the lower right of the page - you should see a Release Candidates section in the lower right, and a link to download from there.

      You can leave feedback on the Virtualization Manager Release Candidate forum.


      • Configuring Hyper-V Hosts: Previous versions of Virtualization Manager required you to run scripts and alter the group policies to connect and collect data from Hyper-V servers - this is not the case any longer!!!  Just configure your credentials and add your Hyper-V hosts to the list of datasources and we can collect with ZERO configuration changes to your environment.
      • Links for NetApp NFS Exports to Storage Manager
      • Many other improvements and bug fixes (link to the release notes coming soon).