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    Reports Improvements


      We have owned Webhelpdesk since October 2008.  The product is fantastic, however, one downside to this product is lack of improvement with the Webhelpdesk reporting.  Then when SolarWinds bought the product, I remember having a discussion with someone at SolarWinds and he assured me that there would be major improvements done with the product, including the Reporting.  There has NOT BEEN ANY improvement at all. Yes, we can export assets into Excel and this is how I have to present asset reports (in Excel form) to my my manager each year for insurance reports of our assets. This program has the worst reporting function of any helpdesk products I have used or any products I have researched.  We do love the product for all the other features, which has saved SolarWinds in my opinion from losing this customer.  I had hoped SolarWinds would take this feature more seriously than the original owners of the product. The original owners made huge-huge improvements to the product, yet never looked at the Reporting feature as one function they needed to work on.  I've noticed many posts regarding the Report features and i'm guessing no developer monitors these posts.  If they do, then they are just ignoring the customer and don't value us (good customer service goes a long way). 


      Just adding my 2 cents!