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    How to configure a multi-homed Solarwinds Orion server to monitor isolated networks

    Ken Applebaum

      I want to start monitoring an isolated network within our infrastructure by activating a second NIC on our Solarwinds Orion server. I am not sure how to do this. When I configured and connected the second NIC to the VLAN I want to monitor, I started receiving hundreds of text notifications of nodes being up. However, in the Orion Web console, I saw just as many notifications of nodes being down. At this point I unplugged the 2nd NIC. Within the Web Console, all the nodes reported down were back up.


      My guess is that the second NIC reported the nodes down because they could not be reached (isolated networks via VLANS). I assume that I also received txt alerts that these nodes were up due to the original NIC in our Solarwinds server.


      I have had trouble finding documentation on how to set up monitoring of separate networks using a mult-homed server. Is this possible? If so, how can I set this up?




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          Hello Ken,


          We have the same issue and called solarwinds to try and work through this.  The response was..


          "We spoke about this and monitoring from Orion in a multi-homed environment is  dependent on which nic is the primary nic in the network bindings. While the network bindings are configurable in Windows there can only be one primary. Orion then uses this primary nic for polling. From my own experience and from discussing with the team this is the limitation. From the team this limitation comes from the OS that it presents one nic we must use that nic and also we expect traffic back on that nic. As requested I'll submit a feature request for this functionality."

          I plan on posting this feature request in the forums later on.  Hope this helps you,