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    How to check if Cisco UCS C210 or C Series Mib's are available on Custom Solarwinds mib?


      Hi All,


      I am trying to monitor Cisco UCS C210 using NPM. I have just generated a test trap from the device and in  Solarwinds it is detected as a DELL device.


      Trap Type


      Trap Details:

      nmpTrapEnterprise = DELL_ASF-MIB:asfPetEvts

      experimental.1057.1.0 =

      sysUpTime = 70 days 6 hours 10 minutes 29.00 seconds

      snmpTrapOID = DELL_ASF-MIB:asfTrapIPMIAlertTest

      wfmTrapDetails = ÖRá‘Òe ߥ‚X  Áf ƒB€ÿÿ !ÿ  ÿÿ  ‹ Á

      Also when i try to add the device using SNMP. The test failed.  Is there any Problem in how i am testing it? Please help me understand.