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    NCM 7.1 installation issues




      I'm working with installing this package  http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/OrionNCM/SolarWinds-NCM-v7.1.1-Eval-p617.zip and having many issues, any help with hints or comments would be appreciated.

      I would like to install NCM 7.1 as standalone and point the NCM instance at an existing database resulted in a message:


      select permission was denied on object "options", database 'OrionConfigMgmt',

      the delete permission was denied on object "options", database 'OrionConfigMgmt' 


      Failing to do so, I ran the solarwinds NCM configuration wizard again, this time trying to create a new database and hoped to use the "import" step as found in NCM v6 config wizard.  There was no import step and the wizard finished without indication of errors.

      But when I try to run solarwinds network configuration manager, got an error:


      License Error (the solarwinds orion configuration wizard was aborted,

      please re-run the wizard to fully complete the configuration process


      Re-running the wizard did not resolve the problem.


      At this point, how to

      1) make sure I clean up all traces of previous installation and start fresh

      2) attempt again to setup NCM v7.1 as standalone and use an existing database

      3) the existing database was backed-up from another NCM v7.1 server (can this still be used by my new NCM 7.1 instance?)


      As separate but related questions, the "database manager" tool

      Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > SolarWinds Database Manager

      1) the database manager is documented to provide a menu item "Restore Database" but this is not found (only "Add Server" and "Add Default Server" buttons are shown")

      2) can the "restore database" function (if can be found) be used to "import" from an existing database into the new NCM 7.1 server?