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    Upgrade to SQL2012 on new server 2012


      We need to move our NPM 10.1 (single poller, no additional modules) SQL database from a Windows 2003 server running SQL 2005 to a server running Windows 2012 and SQL 2012.  Our current server does not have enough C: drive space to install SQL 2012.  We would like to start fresh with the SQL 2012 install (i.i.not install SQL 2005) on the new server if possible.


      I have read the document "Moving your Orion NPM database", but it does not appear to address moving from one SQL version to another at the same time.


      I am looking for the best course of action here, and have searched the forums here but have not happened upon a thread addressing this.  My apologies if it has already been discussed, I would appreciate a link.


      Either way, I am looking for advice.