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    Custom poller for Eaton UPS


      I have created a custom poller for an Eaton UPS. XUPS-MIB:xupsOutputSource

      I chose "keep historical", and it seemed to want, in advanced options, raw value, Enumeration, Get Next.

      I assigned it to one Eaton UPS, and chose Gauge for the web display.

      When I test, it comes back with a number result, so I know it can poll the device and get a response.


      I added a Custom Object Resource (specifically for this device).  When I choose this poller (xupsOutputSource), and click "Submit,", the resource box says "No pollers assigned or no statistic results."


      I have successfully set up a "chart" for this, but the flexibility and Advanced features that the "gauge" gives is desireable.

      Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?