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    Upgrade from FTP Voyager 8 to v.16 lost profiles


      Hi, I was referred here from Rhinosoft for support, so I am hopeful this will work.  My Client had been a paying customer of Rhinosoft's, and we recently upgraded from older versions of FTP Voyager to 16.0.2, and everything went fine for those who were upgrading from versions 14.1 and 15.2.  However, it appears that there were about 30 users who had been on version 8, and they lost all of their connection and profile information.  This is a business critical application for them, so it is urgent that we find a way to restore these old profiles if there is any way to do it.  I've been searching for information, but what I'm finding doesn't seem to be working.  Can these old version 8 profiles be retrieved after 16.0.2 has been installed??  Help!!

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          Thomas Parikka



          FTP Voyager version 8 was well out of support at the time FTP Voyager 16 was released, so direct upgrades from version 8 to version 16 were not an item we tested. However, if the customers had backed up their configuration to CSV prior to the FTP Voyager 16 installation, they should be able to import the site as follows:


          1) Open the Site Profile Manager

          2) Click "Import"

          3) Import the CSV file from version 8, setting the file type to "Before 16.x


          If they have not backed up their config prior to updating they will need to redefine their site profiles. Backup directions for FTP Voyager are found at www.rhinosoft.com/KnowledgeBase/KBArticle.asp?RefNo=1189&prod=rs.


          Thomas Parikka