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    Palo Alto EngineID - SNMPv3 Trap Setup


      Some of you may have some trouble on finding the EngineID on a Palo Alto appliance when trying to setup SNMPv3 traps.


      Here are the steps I took to find the EngineID of the Palo Alto 3020.


      Step 1 - Enable SNMPv3 on the Palo Alto.


      Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it Adding Palo Alto 3020 using SNMPv3



      Step 2 - Download the the GetSNMP tool from here: http://www.snmpsoft.com/freetools/snmpget.html


      - Save the "SnmpGet.exe: file on the "C:" drive

      - Open the Command Prompt and make sure you are on the C:\

      - Enter this command


      c:\>SnmpGet.exe -r: -v:3 -sn:admin -ap:SHA -aw:solarwinds -pp:AES128  -pw:solarwinds -o:


      -r:           = Palo Alto IP address

      -sn:        = SNMP user name

      -ap:        = Authentication Protocol

      -aw:        = Authentication Password

      -pp:        = Privacy Protocol

      -pw:        = Privilege Password

      -o:          = OID of the "Engine ID"


      Once you press enter, you should get this result:


      palo alto engine ID.JPG


      I hope this was informative.