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    WAN utilization report


      I need a daily report that will show us any circuit that has been at 80% utilization for over 20 minuets. Can any one help with this?

      I am very new to solorwinds but have had some success with making custom reports but only with good instructions .

      I would also like an alert to go out when this occurs..

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          You can start with the attachment.  copy it an place it in your reports directory and open the file with the Orion Report Writer.


          Normal path for the report Directory = C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports


          The report uses the Interface caption of "Wan" to filter the results.

          the report will give you a report that show the last 24 hours and if a interface goes over 80% on receive or Xmit.  if you can find a way to make it only report if it hits the 20 min mark, add it.


          you will need to take this report and run the report scheduler in order to get daily reports.

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            Can't help you with the report but for the alerting I use Advanced Alert Manager. I have 2 alerts, one for Transmitting and one for Receiving. I use these alerts to only report on the links to my remote sites. I get an email when a remote link is running over 90% for at least 10 mins. I get a reset email when the link drops to 50%.


            I set Type of Property to Monitor in Trigger Condition to Interface, I use the Node Name to only monitor remote routers. I use Interface Caption to only monitor the external facing interface on these remote routers (they all contain a same keyword). And then I use Recv Percent Utilization is greater than 90 (you would use 80 in your case). Then I've set 'Do not trigger this action until condition exists for more than' to 10 mins (you would use 20 mins). I've set the Reset Condition to Recv Percent Utilization is less than 50.


            For Trigger Actions I've set it to email me the following

            Interface <b>${NetObjectName}</b> on node <b>${NodeName}</b> received at <b>${Interface.InPercentUtil}%</b> of its utilization, which triggered this alert.

            I also include a hyperlink to goes directly to the interface so you can see the netflow data (if available) to see what's using the link.


            For the Reset Actions, I've just set it to email me the following.

            Interface <b>${NetObjectName}</b> on <b>${NodeName}</b> received at <b>${Interface.InPercentUtil}%</b> of its utilization, which reset the alert trigger.


            I've used a description subject so that you can easily see if it's a RESET email or not.


            Hope that helps.

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                This looks like a perfect complement to the report gunner2510 suggested above.

                I can use the report for weekly review and your alerts to be proactive on real time issues.

                I will work on the alert now but may have some questions for you as I set it up