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    SQL 2012 Support


      Can someone please provide an update on SQL 2012 support?  The documentation is ambiguous for various modules.  So far, I've verified that NPM 10.3 and up supports SQL 2012.  Online docs say that IPAM supports SQL 2012, but a post in Thwack from Mav Turner back in July says it doesn't.  No information on SQL 2012 in the IPAM release notes, either.  As for SAM, I see nothing in the online documentation that says it supports SQL 2012, but the aforementioned post by Mav as well as the Release Notes indicate that SQL 2012 support has been available since 5.2.


      Here's my installation, please tell me if I can move to SQL 2012:


      SAM 5.2.0
      IPAM 3.0
      NCM 7.1
      NPM 10.4