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    Multiple endpoint logins for a single user at the same time in UDT when connected to wireless


      When I search for a specific user in UDT, I'm finding a few show multiple endpoint connections at the same time for a single user ID which may be possible but not typical.  I've looked up my id and it states that i am CURRENTLY connected to like 7 other devices when in fact I'm only logged in to the machine I'm currently using.  The most common thing I've found so far is that I and a couple of other users that I pull up with the same results, we are all connected wirelessly to lightweight AP's that are connected to a Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller.  Also, this seems to have happened just recently and was working before, so it may be that I have something monitored or checked that I shouldn't as well.  How can this be resolved to reflect the current and past devices only?  Please help


      UDT 2.5.0 is the version we are running and I greatly appologize if I've missed this at some point in release notes or maybe a fix is in a new release.