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    Do you want to improve IPAM?


      IPAM users,


      this is your chance to speak up and bring your wishes into reality. We are looking for folks who would like to spend few minutes on phone with me and UX designers as we are preparing new improvements into IPAM. It's your chance to tell us what you would like to see, where and what problem you need to solve. It will help us do deliver exactly what you need and together with your IPAM beta feedback it is going to ensure high quality product.


      Please let us know who is willing to help us and I'll contact you directly with more details. You can also use this chance as a place to raise your product-related questions when talking to IPAM product manager and UX designers.


      thanks for your help, you are just great!



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          I would be willing to discuss my ideas..

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            Sure.  I have a few ideas I would be willing to discuss.

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              I have one suggestion to float here.... (sorry, don't have time to jump on calls for the next several months - crazy schedule).  But one major issue we have with IPAM is that you can assign the same subnet more than once - this shouldn't be possible for the way we use it.  Now, for private RFC1918 space it would be nice to have separate company headings and inside of each "subsection" be able to track that space (no duplicates within that "tree").


              Hope this make sense - we have caught ourselves a few times on this now...



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                The only thing I'd like to see is a back button for the right hand pane (window). I have my subnets listed in a /16 (but displayed as /24s) so each time I want to open another /24, I have to select the folder on the left again and then click on the /24 I want to look in.


                Hope that makes sense.

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                  The main things I'd like to see are:


                  Better handling of the import (I'm still not sure how it handles automatic placing in groups and nested groups, esp as you can have multiple groups/subnets with the same name BUT it won't let you import them with the same name)

                  Creation of "logical" sets/groups of ips/subnets. Similar to how NPM handles groups, where a node can be in one, none or multiple groups without conflict. Rather than used to monitor DHCP space, these could be used for quick access and reference to a set of ip addresses.
                  Better filtering/more filtering options.

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                    I'm happy to have a chat, coming from a carrier perspective.


                    Here are some suggestions off the top of my head:


                    > Installation: During the installation of IPAM, it would be nice if it allowed you to install to a virtual directory instead of it taking over the default website in IIS.


                    > Subnet Templating: Being able to create and apply subnet templates would be handy. For us, most sites have basically identical IP allocations. It'd be nice to be able to create say a /24 subnet and apply a template. The template would modify something like the 'System Description' field for relevant IP's in the subnet. At present it does not seem to be possible to modify properties of IP's in an 'Allocated' state via the GUI. I've had to resort to updating IP's via SQL to get them to display template info for available IP's.


                    > Exporting: In order to make importing easier, it'd be great if the export feature was capable of more advanced scenario's like nested supernets/subnets. At present it just dumps an XLS for each parent and child subnet, while the bulk import feature supports these being in a single sheet.


                    > Bulk add subnets Performance: It may be worth investigating performance improvements with bulk creation of subnets. Currently it takes a fair while to bulk create subnets. An example is taking a /24 supernet and filling it with /31 subnets. It takes around a second per subnet to create. This becomes a problem when creating a few thousand subnets. Stored procedures such as 'IPAM_spTouchGroupCounts' and 'IPAM_spGroupAncestors' probably get run every time a subnet is created, while this probably only needs to be run at the end of a bulk upload of subnets.


                    > Defaults user page: Might already be implemented (think i gave up trying to get it to work a while back), being able to set the default page a user gets sent to after logging on to /Orion/IPAM/subnets.aspx would be good. Nobody here uses any other part of this Orion install.


                    > Bulk add subnets: The 'Move new subnets into the smallest appropriate supernet' tick box on Bulk Add Subnets seems to be unreliable. I can't think of specific examples at the moment, but i think the way it handles duplicate supernets (same Address/Mask) is it basically just selects the one with the lower GroupID, probably because it's first row on the SQL Query.


                    > Bulk Drag and Drop: This is a pretty big one for me, it'd make life a lot easier to be able to drag multiple subnets/supernets around. Currently it's not possible to select multiple supernets/subnets on the right pane and drag them into a different supernet/folder on the left pane. Manually moving one subnet at a time when you are dealing with multiple hundred subnets is very inneficient. I've basically had to resort to updating the 'ParentId' in the database, and running the 'IPAM_spGroupAncestors' stored procedure in order to bulk move subnets.


                    > Left pane refreshing: It's been mentioned before, but it's still kinda clunky. The left pane seems to have cached results that do not update unless you refresh the whole page. Be nice if changes triggered this to pane to refresh.

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                      I would love the ability to lock certain fields for subnet addresses regardless of the status (reserved, available, etc.) of that address.  For instance, I manually manage some networks that I like to keep populated with some custom fields that provide info for my server guys.  When I make one of the addresses available (I keep them reserved when occupied), all of the fields, including the custom ones, are dumped.


                      I'd be happy to talk about it.


                      EDIT: I'd also be thrilled if scanning wasn't automatically turned back on by default when I edit an address.  I don't currently scan my manually manage networks, and if I turn scanning off once, I'd rather not have to do it over and over.

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                        The ability to ...

                          . CRUD options for subnets/supernets and ip's via the API as well as set scan options on subnets/supernets. (to include UDT)

                          . configure IPAM to poll routers for subnets

                          . (for) solarwinds products to use data captured from one solarwinds product to populate another..  A lot of NPM/UDT polled data could be used to populate IPAM.

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                          Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and for your willingness to make better products. I'll contact you offline and schedule a quick call.


                          thanks again,