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    ConfigMgmtJob.exe Command Line Switches?


      I've been able to successfully use .bat batch files to launch NCM jobs in sequence, and that used the following format:


      "D:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\configmgmtjob.exe" "D:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\Jobs\Job-318696.ConfigMgmtJob"


      The .configmgmtjob is thus a command-line switch for the "configmgmtjob.exe" file.


      What other command-line switches or command-line options are available for this?  I'm particularly interested in creating interactive web-based jobs where my helpdesk can enter a device name or IP address, click a button, and have NCM execute the commands on that device corresponding to the sele cted button.





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          Patrick Hubbard

          Hey Patrick, Patrick here.  Have you taken a look at NCM Config Change Templates? They let you build reusable scripts to get data and make changes to devices.  What's really cool is you can add a little meta in the scripts and they automatically generate forms so users don't have to do CLI or have access to admin credentials.


          If you set up limited accounts for your helpdesk team, you can also safely delegate some, but not all, config authority to others on the team.  Combine that with workflow approval as well.  For example you might let anyone run show ver, but require routed and tracked approvals for actual config changes.


          It's a slightly different approach than tickling the .exe and might be easier to maintain going forward.  It would also let you run reports on who did what, and you can link directly to the form you want by url from the ticket.  If you're using AD then it will be auto sign-on, and if not, just a username and password and users will be on the correct view.