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    MibViewer Programming API

      Any one know where I can locate a referance for the MibViewer and other Solarwinds API's? I'd like to build a few apps around the Solarwinds API's but documentation is scarce..

      For example(from Solarwinds MIB-Viewer-Scripts download):
      ' ViewMIB MachineName as string, IP as string, Community as string, OIDList as string, [Optional Title as string]
      'The following example displays the System Name and MAC Addresses
      MIBViewer.ViewMIB "WebServer3", "", "public", "SysName & ifPhysAddress"
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          I may be able to hep you out.

          The MIB Viewer can be programmed from a script, .Net, VB6, java, or even Excel macros. It has a COM interface.
          The most commonly used API within the COM interface is :

          Public Sub ViewMIB(ByVal Target As String, ByVal IP As String, ByVal Community As String, ByVal OIDList As String, Optional ByVal Title As String)

          Target is the remote machine name and is only used in the MIB Viewer window title
          IP is the IP Address of the remote machine
          Community is the SNMP Community String
          OIDList is a list of MIBs or OIDs (see below for more information)
          Title is an optional title for the OIDs you are retrieving.

          The OIDList is a text string with a list of MIBs or OIDs to retreive.
          The MIB Viewer uses the SolarWinds MIB Browser to look up the OIDs and format the results.
          You can give it a list of OIDs in many different formats.
          Here are a few examples :

          RFC1213-MIB:ipInReceives & Next 16
          RFC1213-MIB:tcpRtoAlgorithm & Next 11 & RFC-1213-MIB:tcpInErrs & RFC-1213-MIB:tcpOutRsts
          OLD-CISCO-MEMORY-MIB:freeMem & Next 39 & OLD-CISCO-MEMORY-MIB:bufferHgSize & Next 7

          Any one of the previous lines can be used as the OIDList. I reccomend using the MIB Browser to determine which MIBs you want MIB Viewer to retrieve.

          If you need more detailed help, you can send a request to development@solarwinds.net
          Be sure to include the actual script or program your are creating if possible.
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            I'd like to second tharder's request on documentation of the Solarwinds APIs. I appreciate that we can e-mail development(and I will now that you've responded Don), but it would be great if this stuff was documented. I'm not a VBS scripter, but rather an old Unix shell guy trying to adapt to Windows. I've been trying for weeks now to write something(a macro or VBS script) that would autopopulate an Excel spreadsheet with some OIDs from multiple routers and I've failed miserablely with me finally resorting to using snmpwalk on a Unix system and then importing that data into Excel. I was really hopeful that the Excel add-in that you offered would work, but it appears to be broken in Microsoft Office 2003. Anyways, any additional help in this area is appreciated! Thanks for posting the extra info above. I
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              I am not aware of a problem with the Excel Add-In and Office 2003.
              Send the Excel spreadsheet you are trying to auto-populate with OIDs to Development@SolarWinds.Net.
              We might be able to help you.

              Also, be sure to put "Attention Don Yonce" in your e-mail.
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                SolarWinds is working on a Developer's Kit which includes documentation on development APIs and example scripts and applications. At this time however, there is no scheduled release date.
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                  Thanks Don. I Googled "solarwinds api" and came up with http://support.solarwinds.net/help/MIB-Viewer/API.htm but the link to the example scripts appears to be broken. The example shown launches and retrieves the data in the MibViewer application. I'm looking for a way to just extract the value retrieved.
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                    It took me a while and many tries, but I finally got the Excel spreadsheet add-in to work.

                    I'm using Office 2003. The hard part was getting Excel to recognize the formula in the Cell. Here are the readme.txt instructions I received from Solarwinds Support:


                    1.  Extract all files into the "..\Program Files\SolarWinds\XXXX Edition" directory.

                    2.  Open the command prompt and change to the ..\Program Files\SolarWinds\XXXX Edition directory. Enter the following command:
                    regsvr32 Solarwinds_AddIn.dll

                    3.  Open Microsoft Excel and select Tools->Add Ins.. And then Browse.  The SolarWinds.xla add-in is installed in the ..\Program Files\SolarWinds\XXXX Edition.

                    The part I was missing was step 2. Once I did this it started working fine.

                    I set it up to grab the part numbers & serial numbers of the modules in our Cisco 4510's for our yearly Cisco maintenance contract. I had to do a MIB walk of the switch first to find the correct OID's. You can get it to grab almost any MIB you can think of.

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                      quote:Originally posted by Network_Guru

                      I set it up to grab the part numbers & serial numbers of the modules in our Cisco 4510's for our yearly Cisco maintenance contract. I had to do a MIB walk of the switch first to find the correct OID's. You can get it to grab almost any MIB you can think of.


                      Would yo be kind enough to give an example of the Page Layout you use for your inventory worksheet.

                      P. B.

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                        I recently did our Cisco Inventory for our yearly maintenance using this format (pulled the NodeName, IP Address, SNMP RO Comm string & Machine type from Orion & just polled the following 2 MIBs:

                        Node      IP Address      SNMP     Machine Type 
                        Name-122      $nMpR0     =snmp_get($B2,$C2,$D$1)     =snmp_get($B2,$C2,$E$1)     Cat 4006 
                        Name-123      $nMpR0     =snmp_get($B3,$C3,$D$1)     =snmp_get($B3,$C3,$E$1)     Cat 4006 

                        I based this on the following example included with the add-in:

                                  sysName     sysLocation     sysDescr
                        IP      Community
                   public     Timeout     Timeout     Timeout
                   public     Timeout     Timeout     Timeout
                   public     Timeout     Timeout     Timeout
                   public     Timeout     Timeout     Timeout
                        If "#NAME?" appears in the columns above, then you probably do not have the SolarWinds Excel Add In included.                    
                        Select Tools->Add Ins.. And then Browse.                     
                        The SolarWinds.xla add-in is installed in the "C:\Program Files\SolarWinds" directory by default.