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    Cannot differentiate between Physical and Virtual

    big dave g

      Hi, total noob with SolarWinds and it was not idea for the product but hey-ho, from what I have seen there is some decent stuff.


      A problem I have encountered though is that I have a physical server - say SERVER1, and also a vCENTER 5.1 environement with a VM called SERVER1 which is ringfenced on a separate vSwitch.


      When I try and get a performance report the server states all attributes of LIVE but states: Node Detail - SERVER1 - Vitual Machine hosted by ESXSERVER1


      So which server is being reported back to SolarWinds?  As there is only 1 SERVER1 and the IP addresses are the same (remember 1 is ring fenced)?


      Is SW picking up both servers but treating as one?


      Crazy (but useful) product.