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    CONTENT analysis  - NetQOS?

      We have both Orion and Network Engineer Enterprise...But now we would like to see the content of the network.  So if we see the utilization is 300%, we would like to be able to click on it and see analisys of what is on the line?  I think NetQOS can do this, but not sure which product they have, anyone use their products?
      NetQOS integration with Solarwinds...whens that gonna happen?
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          We have evaluated NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer..that's the product that uses Cisco NetFlow to tell you who is using what.  We are planning on purchasing it.  There has been talk about having links from Orion to NetQoS and vice versa.  I have not heard much about it recently.

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            I have just finished an eval of NetQos Reporter/Analyzer. It's a great product as far as ease of deployment and generating meaningful reports. It really opens your eyes as to what is going on in your network, especially WAN links.

            It seems like the following announcement was more PR than anything else;
            I inquired with both NetQos & Solarwinds, as to the integration of this product in the Orion webpage, but was not given a definitive answer from either company.

            It would be great to have the interface traffic protocol graphs displayed &/or linked in Orion. This would assist greatly in Network troubleshooting.

            It appears that any intergration will have to be done by the customer themselves. If you have a web developer/ASP coder in your team, then this should not be too difficult.