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    Orion Virtual monitor/manager




      So i have this issue where ORION reports our Virtual hosts have high packet loss, we have rebuilt the hosts and changed IP`s but still we have reports of high packet loss which results in reports of node down. This happens every half hour or so-Day and Night.


      All our other tools for managing and monitoring the virtual estate say no problems with packet loss.

      Im using a mixed bag of poll via SNMP and ICMP. I tried removing the ICMP packet data which has had no effect and 64 bit counters

      *note: We only monitor the HOSTS and not the actual virtual servers within the hosts.


      My question is this:


      Is this a bug?

      Is there a config change we need to make somewhere?


      OR is this reporting true packet loss?


      All our other 500+ report correctly including SAN and Network.


      Any Ideas would be good, we have the following products installed for virtual:

      Module NameIntegrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor
      Service PackNone


      And NPM:

      Product NameNetwork Performance Monitor


      Any thoughts or advice would be great.

      Thanks in advance