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    How to initiate a manual subnet scan


      I have read in the documentation that you can manually scan a single subnet.  I have been unable to determine how to do this.  My subnets are set to auto scan upon different intervals based on the subnet use.


      The reason I want to initiate manual scans is because the auto scans are missing devices even though the Orion server can ICMP ping the device.


      Is there a known issue with devices not being populated in a subnet after an automatic or manual scan?


      TIA for the help

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          I found that you can initiate a subnet scan while in the subnet details view.  I expected to be able to select a subnet and then initiate a scan.  This works it is just a little different than what I was looking for.


          I am still having an issue with subnets being scanned and devices that are pingable from the server not being populated as used.  I also have noticed that not all of my Cisco devices are being populated with SNMP data even though SNMP is configured correctly since they are being monitored by NPM.  Is there anything that I am missing on these subnet scans?  Thanks.