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    Toolset and Vista

      Does anyone have Toolset v8 on Vista?

      Any problems I should worry about?

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          Yes, in our preliminary testings, we have experienced compatibility issues with Toolset on Vista.  For example, export functions may hang in some of the tools. 

          Our plan is to perform a full regression of Toolset on the Vista OS and provide official support in the next release (planned for Q2 of this year).  If possible, I would recommend waiting until this release before upgrading your Toolset hosting desktop.

          For all others reading this thread, I'd be very interested in hearing about your Vista migration timeframes.



          Chris LaPoint
          Sr. Product Manager, Toolset
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            I have installed PE Toolset verions 7.1 on Vista and I am having issues where a couple of the appletss do not run, ping and Ping Sweep both fail to load when I try them I get a windows box "Unexpected Error, quitting"

            Do you have the same issues with PE Toolset Version 8