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    90 nodes on ISDN

      I'm interested in buying Solarwinds for the organisation I manage the systems on.

      I have over 90 nodes which are connectable over ISDN (retail stores) and I want to monitor them, but doing this real time is not really an option. Is it possible to poll the SNMP traps at a scheduled times?

      Then of course there is our own LAN and WAN which I want to monitor constantly. Can I separate the two groups (IDSN / LAN & WAN) so polling on one group is scheduled and another real time?


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          There are a number of ways to do this.

          By default Orion installations with ISDN circuits monitor them all the time, but only collect traffic data when they are up. This is the default setup within Orion. Also, you can easily configure alerts to notify you only when an ISDN circuit is active, or only when it goes down after being active (or whenever).

          One customer that uses Orion Network Performance Monitor setup his system with the corporate network on the main Orion Polling Engine. Then he added a second polling engine and setup the customer and lab networks that he polls only every few weeks on it. He only starts the second polling engine whenever he needs to poll the other networks.

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            Sorry I think I need to re-think my question.

            Our 90 nodes that are on ISDN are connected to ISDN Cisco routers, thus whenever Orion polls, the router will connect to the node. Doing this every few minutes will cause un-needed ISDN traffic / connections.

            Using a second polling engine will solve this if I can schedule service start and stop.

            Also with ISDN routing it takes about 2-3 seconds to get a connection while the router dials and connects with the node, I'm guessing while the second polling engine is running I set it to run many quick fire polls before stopping the service????

            Many Thanks