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    Network Atlas Features and such...


      , I am starting to use Network Atlas after a couple of years of running NPM.  the ConnectNow feature helps alot, but I do have a question.


      when I use the feature, it does a pretty good job of connecting objects, but the connections are all the same - meaning, I apparently have to manually modify the "line" between nodes to show a difference.


      Let me try to elaborate -


      Lets say we have 6 nodes on a map. 4 nodes are connected via 10Gig links, 1 node by a 1Gig link, and the last node is a T1.  When I drop all these on the map, use the ConnectNow and get them connected, they all have similar line properties.


      Maybe I missed something someplace, but I would like to see that the 10 gig lines have a thicker line weight (say 5) the 1g have 3, and serial connections are at 1.  I also change the default colors - so, for example, 10g are Orange (I would use Yellow, but thats hard to see) 1G would be blue, and serial are black.


      My question is this - Is there someplace in Network Atlas I can set this as a DEFAULT?  so whenever a node is added, NA always knows that 10g links are orange and a thiker line than a 1g?

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          not sure if this helps, because i'm pretty new with this NPM and Network Atlas, but i stumbled across this:


          On the bottom left at least on my screen, if you check include link labels and show link speed it'll auto populate the speed and color in the different connections. Hope I helped out in some way ^^