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    Ideas on Creating Groups - MPLS


      We have remotes sites with a mixture of MPLS, Frame, and VPN end points.  No groups created yet, getting starting on a clean slate.


      I am starting to work on MPLS remote sites.  What I am thinking of is this: Each site has one router, may have multiple switches and/or WAP's.


      Node - MPLS Router/MPLS Serial InterfaceNode - Remote Router Loobpack Address
      Node - Remote Router Loopback AddressGroup - Remote Switches/Wireless AP's
      Groups - SwitchesGroups - Remote Servers


      I am thinking that if I use the Loopback address on the remote router, I can setup alerts for the Multilink and ethernet interfaces? 

      Any suggestions for custom properties (I have a custom property indicating city), I have read where others have created custom properties using Tier(x).