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    Identifying Nodes With Incorrect SNMP Community Strings

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hello All,

      Recently, it came to my attention that a device had an incorrect community string applied to it, causing the device to not report statistics data correctly. The manager of the group responsible for the device has asked me for some way to identify all devices in our environment that might have incorrect community strings. That is, he would like to know those devices that have a community string that differs from what was originally set up in Orion.


      I know that I can go into a node in Edit Mode and test a community string, but I was wondering if there was some type of query I could run against the DB, or a report I could create, that would do this for me across the environment. If this is answered somewhere else, or exists already, I apologize--I am fairly new to Orion administration, and I am learning as I go.