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      It would be very nice and powerful if we could base a view limitation on a SQL query or even a SWQL...

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          could you please give us more details on how it should be used and what you can't do with current limitation options?




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              I’m very new to Solarwinds so apologies if this is a daft
              request. I would like to create views with multiple limitations: We have many
              many monitored devices which I have grouped mainly into “Network”, “Server” or “Storage”
              with a custom property. I have another Custom property that indicates “Production”,
              “QA” or “Development”.


              I can’t see any way to create a view that is, for example,
              limited to “Production Servers”. I don’t want to limit this by account. So
              either allowing multiple view limitations or a limitation by SQL query would
              provide a way to achieve this. Or is there another way?




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              We end up creating views that have many widgets that have the same filters for various items, such as devices with interfaces labeled with 'Verizon' in their name for all of our WAN routers.