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    Verification of file signature failed

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Problem: When publishing a package, you receive: Failed to publish [filename]. Verification of file signature failed for file: [WSUS.Server.Location].cab

      Cause: This is typically the result of the WSUS Self-signed Publishing Certificate *not* being installed on the EminentWare Patch Manager server, or perhaps not even yet created.

      Solution: The Server Publishing Setup Wizard must be executed twice, first using the “Create self-signed certificate” option if a certificate has not been created, and then a second time or using the “Distribute existing WSUS signing certificate” option to load the WSUS publishing certificate into the cert store of the Extension Pack Patch Manager server. When creating the certificate, the distribution step will be automatically launched following the creation of the certificate.

      This process is described in the Local Publishing Administration Guide, and demonstrated in the Local Publishing Setup Video, both available from the resources library on the EminentWare website.

      Additional information regarding publishing certificate administration is available in the Patch Manager Administrator's Guide.



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