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    Alert when a node goes down


      I'm trying to create a alert for whenever a Windows node is down (aka Red), but am having some issues. Below is the simple trigger we are using, but it doesn't work. I don't think Node Status is returning the proper value.


      Trigger Condition

          Property to monitor: APM: Hardware

          Vendor is equal to Windows

          Node Status is equal to Down

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          Petr Vilem

          Property to monitor should be "Node" in this case. "APM: Hardware" is child entity of Node which is present only for nodes which has enabled Hardware monitoring feature. BTW, there is out of the box predefined alert called "Alert me when a node goes down" (which only does not contain filter to Vendor) for inspiration.

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              I'm unable to edit or even add a trigger action to the default alert as I get "Please specify a complete Trigger Condition, Field not specified or invalid". I also need to specify that it only alerts for Windows servers.


              If I add a Simple Condition my only option is CPU & Memory and even then I only have 2 options for Memory Available.DownAlert.jpg