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    Transitioning to Solarwinds and have a few questions


      My company is transitioning all network, server, application, etc monitoring to Solarwinds. We have used Servers Alive in the past to monitor our servers so that is the environment we are coming from. I have 2 questions I would like to ask about server monitoring.


      1) We have a large number of servers (400+) and alerts need to go to a lot of different groups or people based on who supports each particular server. What are some of the ways to do this without making an alert for every server we have? Is there a way to make one general up/down alert for all servers, but then send the email to different people based on the name of the server who triggered the alert?


      2) Can anyone show me good examples of how to alert when a disk drive reaches less than a certain percent of free space? I just want to monitor C, D, E, and F drives and when they have less than a certain percentage of free space send an alert to the owner of the server.


      Thank you for any help you might provide.