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    TFTP not working on Win7

      Can anyone help. I downloaded the free TFTP program and installed on my windows 7, 64 bit laptop. I see the tftp server started, I copy the Cisco IOS into the root directory for the TFTP application, start the download from within my router, but it continues to timeout. Both laptop and router are in the same subnet, call ping each other but cannot copy IOS to my router. Has anyone seen this and if so can u help?


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          We have tested TFTP with Windows 7 64 bit so that shouldn't be the problem. Do you have enough flash space on the router you are trying to copy the image to?


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              Hey Mav,

                         I do have enough room in flash for the IOS that I trying to load on this Cisco 1760. I did a "sh ver" and "sh flash" and the size is 32 megs of flash. The IOS, which is Advanced IP Services 12.4.25d, is about 20 meg. Like I said, the router and PC are in the same subnet, I can ping each way and the TFTP server is running. It should just start to download with no issues.

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              I need to add to this, admins. My name is Jeremy and i am a CCNP. I have the exact same setup in a lab environment and i've been working on this issue for several days with no resolution. The issue is on a broader scale.. let me bullet this.

              - NO file transfer mechanisms work. FileZilla FTP server and Home FTP server behave the same way. A windows XP laptop (same subnet, blah blah blah) installs and runs the TFTP server flawlessly.

              - No firewall or antivirus. I disabled both to no avail.

              - The server appears to be functioning correctly; netstat -abn shows the running process and open port

              - the most important piece of information; wireshark DOES NOT SEE THE PACKETS. no UDP packets are detected when running a live packet capture while attempting to TFTP a file to / from the router.

              - i have played with the manual installation .exe files included with the TFTP server and get an error when trying to manually execute "Solarwinds TFTP Server.exe" stating "cannot start service from the command line..." i follow the instruction to no avail.

              - i went through the install log and there are no errors. As i said, everything appears to be working.


              The ONE THING that i found anomalous was the following error in windows event viewer for "solarwinds TFTP Server"-

              "Service cannot be started. The service process could not connect to the service controller"


              PLEASE retest your software on a fully updated windows 7 x64 Professional system. I feel strongly that there is something in windows that is bugging this software.


              And yes, i google'd the **** out of this problem to no avail.

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                We had to allow the actual application running as a service through the Windows 7 firewall:


                • Control panel
                  • Allow a program through windows firewall
                    • Allow another program
                      • Browse out to "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\TFTP Server"
                        • Select "SolarWinds TFTP Server.exe" this is the actual application running as a service that needs the exclusion (confirmed in services)
                        • Choose what networks (domain/Home & Work private/public) to allow


                The other main .exe file in the install folder (TFTPServer.exe) is the front-end GUI that shows if TFTP is talking between devices.