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    Advanced Alert Manager - Trigger Actions Mail



      I am attempting to include a piece of specific information regarding a Volume's Percent Free Space included in the Email.


      The variables in the Message section are not providing the Percent Free.  I can use PercentUsed but I need to get PercentFree in the E-mail.


      I can get this easily when I create an SQL query which looks like this:


      Select (100 - Volumes.VolumePercentUsed) AS PercentFree
      From Volumes
      Where Volumes.VolumeID = 1345


      I have tried putting that into a variable in the Message section but when I attempt to use the variable for the VolumeID, it balks on the second curly brace "}" and fails.


      I then thought to include just the beginning of the Select string. 

      Select (100 - Volumes.VolumePercentUsed) AS PercentFree
      From Volumes


      The math works now, but it only selects the first volume in the Volumes Table, not the actual volume in question.


      How do I get the SQL to do math on the VolumePercentUsed from the Volume which generated the alert included in the Email.


      Thanks for reading.