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    Unmanage all nodes in a group


      I have been trying to find a way to put all members of a group in maintenance mode but it doesn't look to be possible or I'm missing something. Does anyone know how this can be done or if it can't  it would be a nice feature to be added?

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          I'm afraid this isn't possible from the web UI as of 10.2.2. The best way to unmanage more than one node at a time on demand is going to be: Settings > Manage Nodes, then check the nodes to be unmanaged, and click "Unmanage" (I realize you probably know this already).


          For scheduled mass-unmanaging, SolarWinds' answer is the Unmanage Utility (http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/product-blog/blog/2010/04/13/scheduling-unmanage-task-for-nodes-interfaces-and-applications). It leaves a lot to be desired and is manual in and of itself (if you add a node to Orion on the web, you'll need to go add it to your job(s) in the utility).


          I'd love to see more development on the Maintenance Mode / "Unmanage" front within Orion. 'Been asking for it for 2+ years.



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              I'm aware of the way to unmanage nodes but thanks for the reply. It would be very nice to unmanage based on the groups we create to speed up the time to unmanage devices during a maintenance window. I would like to see this featuer in a upcomming releast of NPM. An even better option would to be able to unmanage nodes using powershell.

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              I wrote a .net application console application that will query active directory, get all machines in that group, and then Add-To and Remove-From management within Solarwinds.    I did this because of the UnManage utilities short falling of having to constantly be updated and made patching days a pain....


              If you think this would be of use.. I will generalize the code some.. and place provide to community.

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                Vinay BY

                If you talking about unmanaging servers under a solarwinds group - nope we dont have this functionality as of now. Why dont you post an idea for the same.

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                  While not exactly solving the problem, I figured out how to work around it. If you populate the "City" attribute for your nodes you can do it that way.


                  Go to Manage Nodes-->Click the Double Arrows in the default view and select "City" under "Node Custom Attributes" and click OK.

                  Select the "Group By" pull down and then select City. Your nodes will be grouped by City. Then you can select the desired city from those on the left hand side of the screen.

                  Once the Nodes on that City are displayed you can then select the top check box to select ALL and then select "Maintenance" mode and whatever maintenance action you would like to take.


                  In my case I just disabled the alerts by selecting "Mute Alerts".

                  When you are done you can then go back to the list of nodes for that city select "Unmute Alerts".


                  I guess this could be done with other attributes like "Location" or "Department" as well as long as you populate them ahead of time. Too bad "Group" is not there by default though.