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    How to embed vMan in Orion WEB UI?


      Hi guys,


      When adding http://swvm/ to the list of external sites in Orion and browse to the menu i get this:


      I tried opening it in another browser. Cleared all cache data and tried again on different browsers, doesn't seem to want to work. I looked for anything relating to login or caching in system properties but didn't find any setting that could have an effect on this. Is there any way to make it work.

      Could vman be configured to not remember credentials last used to login?



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          I believe the best way to embed VMan into Orion is to choose the widgets you want to see and then add them as Custom HTML resources. In VMan just copy the widget link (little down arrow in the top right > Copy Widget Link) using the second line of code, and then edit your Custom HTML resource in Orion and paste in the code.


          The formatting is bit wacky and not altogether pretty, but it'll accomplish the task of bring things into a single pane of glass.


          When adding the external link as you are doing, I repeated your steps and it appears to work fine on my end. When I had an existing session open to VMan, the external link logged right in. I then logged out of VMan and tried again in Orion and it prompted me for credentials (not greyed out as yours appears to be). I've tried with both AD integrated auth in Orion as well as Orion's local auth, and both allow me to enter separate credentials in VMan...


          What browser versions are you using (and Orion/VMan versions)? I tested with IE9 and Chrome 17 against Orion Core 2011.2.2, NPM 10.2.2 and VMan




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