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    Sometime SNMP Traps are not accepted by Orion


      I have an application that is sending SNMP traps. Sometimes the traps are recieved by Orion. Sometimes they are not. I have narrowed
      the issue to the timestamp field in wireshark. for example If the timestamp field is (base10) 8625822 encoded as 0x[43 04 84 8e bd 1e] Orion recives the trap.
      Orion Displays "sysUpTime=2223947038" in this case
      If the timestamp field is (base10) 1321391034 encoded as 0x[43 05 84 f6 8b a7 3a], I do not see the trap. This is reproducable.

      Both senders and recievers are Windows boxes.
      Do you have any ideas why this is the case?
      A product called TrapReciever can recieve and display both traps.
      Wireshark does not think either packet is mallformed.

      Thanks in advance for your time