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    Management vs Monitoring - is there a difference?

    Matt Vogt

      When I read about most storage management products, what I’m mainly seeing tends to be glorified aggregate monitoring - speeds/feeds with a bunch of calculations for capacity planning and alerts, better views and reporting than the default vendor’s, etc. that have been aggregated from across disparate vendor platforms. I’m not discounting this value and believe that it’s critical to have if you’re running more than one vendor’s platform (which most medium and up sized businesses are). And in some cases these tools can proved better insight into a single vendor's arrays than their own offerings. But these tools aren't actually doing anything to the storage. They’re giving you extremely valuable information to then go somewhere else to act on it.

      When I think of managing, I think of tasks. I think of actual actionable systems that can do something with the array - create and/or resize LUNs, create snapshots or other protection actions, manage security to LUNs/Targets/Zones, etc.

      What do you think? Are liberties being taken with the term Storage Management? Or do I have a low view of monitoring?