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    Is there a method to make the "Transaction" tab in Orion publicly available?


      Good afternoon everybody,


      We are doing a trial of SEUM and we like what we see so far!


      However, our Orion SolarWinds server requires authentication to access it so we'd like to make the "Transaction" tab publicly available.


      For example, we'd like to have the SolarWinds server display by default the "Transaction" tab to anybody who accesses the server via the web page but require a login to every other tab if they try to access anything else.


      Or, plan "b" would be for us to have a new URL that we'd tell people to access (appstatus.oursolarwindserver.com) for example that would not require authentication to view things.


      Is there a documented method to do either of those?


      If "Yes", can someone point me toward the documentation to get this done?




      Marc Champoux