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    Report Writer question


      Please advise if I am posting in the wrong forum.

      I'd like to enable certain users to create new/custom reports, but not have them remote desktop into our Orion server.

      Is there any way to allow them to install just the Report Writer component on thier PC or different server and configure that Report Writer to connect to the appropriate database?

      Just running into cases where several admins are wanting to log on to manage alerts, and users wanting to log in to create reports.

      Windows server only allows two remote desktop sessions at one time(not counting console).

      Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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          Hi gstadter--

          This Report Writer Tech Ref might be of some help.


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              Hi DanielleH, 

              I've checked that document and it doesn't include any reference to connect report writer to a "remote" npm server, dou you have any other reference?


              Have you find any way to connect to the server?



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                  no, I've not yet discovered how to enable the individuals that pretty much live in the reporting to be able to edit reports other than using a remote desktop session on the server.    Didn't find anything really relevant to the question in the referenced doc either.

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                      ...how to enable the individuals...to edit reports other than using a remote desktop session on the server.


                      I've checked with Development to confirm, and, unlike Network Atlas, which you can use from remote locations that can access your SolarWinds database, Report Writer must run on your primary SolarWinds (Orion Core) server. Reports are always viewable remotely, using multiple methods, including exported pdf, web console URL, .xls, and additional web server,  but, if you want the ability to edit reports, you need to log in to the primary server, typically via RDP, and use Report Writer there.

                      Please feel free to submit a feature request. This thread has also been marked for PM review.