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    Would you manage an array with PowerShell?


      I have read recently that 2012 is the year of PowerShell. Microsoft is seemingly moving that way by integrating PowerShell across product lines and building the application on top of the shell. I am learning, or getting to learn PowerShell, and there are a number of applications from Microsoft and other companies that can be managed with PowerShell and it is extremely interesting and extremely powerful.


      My question to you is this, would you use PowerShell to manage a storage array? If the tools and cmd-lets we're available to manage storage, would you consider using them?


      I think managing storage with PowerShell would be a great step in the right direction.  Consider the standardization that could be considered for executing commands against the array... Sure storage vendors could create their own tools, but with a bit of help from the community, may the general command are the same, create-lun to build a LUN on an array would work.


      Or perhaps a module created by a storage vendor to manage their array, this way the vendor gets control of the commands for their storage, but they all still use the standard verb-noun syntax of PowerShell... Seems like a worthwhile idea to me.