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    IP Monitor 9 license issue


      Hi All,

      Really hoping someone can help.

      I parked my IPMonitor 9 license in preparation to migrate servers. Found it wont run on Server 2008 64 bit and tried to re-activate the original install. Thats where the fun began.

      I had to choose the "indirect" method of communication as it woulndn't allow me to sign on when directly through the licensing helper ( I CAN log on through the support portal website though; which I find odd).

      I followed the 1,23 steps of indirect communication through the licensing helper. So :

      1. Logged onto the support portal

      2. Entered my site code and was given an activation key to paste into the licensing helper of my server. All good! No.. I pasted this into step 3 and got a generic error "There has been an internal error. Please contact customer services".

      So I spoke with customer services who recommended I install the slightly lightly version 9.05 (I was running 9.01236). I installed this over the top. Opened up the config to register it against my license and now on the support portal it tells me the license is already activated!

      I cant deactivate the licence on the portal (as its not registered) to be issued a new activation key; and I cant re-register until I do!

      Customer services says this is a "technical" issue and cant help as our support contract has expired!?

      Its currently in operation on the 21 day trial period. Once that expires Im sunk!

      Really hoping someone on support reads this and know what to do.

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          The first thing you'll need to do is get Customer Service to reset your license.  You can reach them at 1.866.530.8040. Simply go with option #1 for Customer Service and then option #1 for license resets.

          Once they have reset your license, try relicensing your ipMonitor 9.06 installation using the usual method.

          Let me know if this works for you.


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