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    Cluster IOPs chart



      I'm charting IOPs per cluster and have noticed that the figures for the cluster don't seem to match the figures for individual hosts or datastores


      Choosing a point in time as an example


      Cluster IOPS 116/s

      Datastore 1 IOPS 117/s

      Datastore 2 IOPS 151/s

      Datastore 3 IOPS 231/s


      Also if I show IOPs for one of the cluster hosts I get different values depending on how I add it.


      If I add it by clicking on the show component values, then I get a value of 84.5 IOPs, but if I add by just adding a new line I get a value of 159 IOPs


      Interestingly if you add all the 'show component values' hosts together you do get the result it reports for the cluster.


      Can you please explain this. I was using these cluster figures for monthly reporting, but now I can't trust the figures.