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    Network Sonar should have filtering capability

      Most big users DO NOT blindly "Import Nodes" discovered by the sonar.  We have to go though the tedius task of:
      1. Changing the view from "Found and Changed" to "Found"
      2. Go through every device, check the nodes I do not want to import, a page at a time since you loose checkmarks if you move off the page.
      3. Press ignore on this page of devices.
           a.  Some devices I may want to import to NPM, so I leave these unchecked.  When I press Ignore, (and have to press OK of the confirmation dialog EACH TIME),
           b.  A bunch of devices from page 2 now make it to page one.
      4. I check the devices I want to ignore and then press the ignore button again.
      5. Repeat until all unwanted devices are ignored... And HOPEFULLY you didn't accidentally check something you actually wanted to manage.
          a. Of course the Ignore database only has the Caption, IP address, and date ignored so finding a device you didn't really want to ignore is often futile.
      6. Now with just good stuff, you do the import. 

      After a while, a few good nodes find there way into the ignore database.  To solve this, I have to dump the ignore database and start the process over.
      My current ignore database has 3700 nodes in it.

      I want a function that works like the group filter tool to filter out unwanted discovered nodes DURING DISCOVERY.   I also want a better way to manage the Ignore database.