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    Temp Monitoring of Cisco devices with UDP



      Can anyone assist me in getting beyond this point.  I've configured the NPM to see the switch Temp with Universal device poller and it is pulling the current temps that I want to see when I test it.  BUT they arent displaying on the page in NPM only the following...message where they should show.


      No pollers assigned or no statistic results. Click edit button to change universal device poller  assignment!

      I go back to look for a poller assignment and it is assigned from what I can see...

      What have I missed here ....PLEASE?

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          Some of my organizations cisco devices do not support a real temperature to be monitored, some do.  So I've have developed OID group based for specific Cisco implementations (Example: Cisco4500Chassis, Cisco3750Stack, Cisco3750XStack, Cisco3650Chassis)

          Are you certain that the device that is responding in this fashion will report a real temperature?

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              I had to use two pollers.  I polled with one and had the other to convert the Celc-Far with a transform.

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                  Thanks I seem to have gotten the correct OID for the devices Cisco 4510, 3560's and a 2821  All of them show a Temp reading that appears accurate when I test them in the UDP application....they are marked to display in Orion NPM and on the NPM console I've gone into the Pollers icon and made sure they are showing up and checked....Still NO Data to display...is showing in NPM

                  All of that appears normal and there is a place on the console for the guage I've selected and everything but NO data seems to be collected and displayed......in NPM 


                  Any clues as to what I've missed....could that be the wrong OID even though the test shows green and a number in F.