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    Solarwinds unmanage task editor error



      Get error below on a windows server 2008R2 64 bit when logging on.

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           We currently have a Known issue where you will need 1 Custom Property each setup for Nodes, Interfaces, and Volumes, you will not need to have any information in the Property, just one added.


          To create a property with Custom Property Editor:

          1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Grouping and Access Control > Custom Property Editor.

          2. Click Add Custom Property.

          3. If you want to add predefined properties, complete the following procedure:

          a. Select Add Predefined Properties.

          b. Check Show Advanced Properties to view additional predefined properties.

          c. Check the properties you want to add (select 1 Custom Property each for Nodes, Interfaces, and Volumes) and then click OK.


          After you have completed the above, please Retest the Unmanage Utility again.