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    New issues in SEUM 1.5


      I was on SEUM 1.0 and had 3 transactions playing back from the Orion server every 10 minutes, and all was good there. Now that I've upgraded to SEUM 1.5, I'm having some issues with one of my transactions. The first issue is that it won't playback successfully from an Amazon cloud player that I spawned (very cool feature, btw). My other 2 transactions playback fine from the cloud player or the Orion server. The problematic transaction plays back fine from the Orion server, but only plays back partially from the cloud player and then errors out because it can't find a link (screenshot for that step just shows a completely blank page). I'd like to be able to play this transaction from either the cloud player or the Orion server and don't see why it would fail from the cloud player.

      The second issue is with the same transaction mentioned above, but when played back from the Orion server. As I mentioned, it plays back successfully from the Orion Server, so no problem there. However, I'm noticing that the screenshots it's taking for each step on that transaction (and only that transaction) seem to be taken at the beginning of the NEXT step, instead of at the end of the CURRENT step. Before upgrading to SEUM 1.5, this transaction's screenshots behaved just like my other 2 transactions. I'm also noticing now that several of the steps in the transaction show a duration of 0.00 seconds, even though they are played successfully (and I know our site isn't THAT fast.) I've tried inserting step wait times after each action to see if that makes a difference. It did alter the way screenshots were taken for some steps, but the duration still shows 0 for most of the steps, and the screenshots are still not depicting the current step for the majority of the transaction. 

      Please let me know what I can try to resolve these issues. Thank you.


      Jeremy Koerber

      p.s. I have a paid license, not a trial version. 

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          In all cases are these new transactions that you created with the SeUM 1.5 recorder, or are these existing 1.0 transactions you've been using that are now operating differently since the upgrade? 

          In the case of the Amazon EC2 instance, is the server you're monitoring accessible from the internet? If you were to RDP onto the console of the EC2 instance and open Internet Explorer would you be able to complete all the steps in the recorded transaction successfully?

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              I created all new transactions with the SEUM 1.5 recorder.  I don't think my old 1.0 transactions were playing back properly after the upgrade, so I deleted them and re-recorded with 1.5. But the steps in the transactions are identical to the transactions from 1.0. 

              Regarding the EC2 question; yes, the server I'm monitoring is accessible from the internet (m.branchout.com). I just RDP'd to the EC2 player instance and ran through the complete transaction successfully in IE. 

              Let me know if you need me to do anything else. Thanks.