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    Nexus 7000 series environmental monitor


      I was recently asked if it was possible to monitor the temperature of a Cisco device so it can be seen on its node detail page.  I replied of course, that's as easy as adding a universal poller hitting the ciscoEnvMon.  However, with the Nexus, that isn't the case.

      From the documentation that I could find, the OID to pull this sensor data out of the Nexus is in the CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB using the entSensorValue OID ( to return the table of readings. I then used the CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB to build a crosswalk from the index on both to return the name of the monitoring point with temperature measured.  This is a manual process, however, and right now I am just using NPM to store the polls so the temperature data can be analyzed at a later time.

      Has anyone else done anything with monitoring environmental elements on the Nexus?