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    Custom Property default enforcement


      I recently upgraded to v10.1 for our NPM environment from 9.0.  Since the easiest way for people to add new devices to NPM is now the Web console, I was wondering if there was a way to lock in default custom properties values or 'hide' ones from view?  Before, team members would just go into the property editor and cut/paste values from other servers to keep things consistent.  I don't want everyone to have to add nodes to the Web console, then log into the master poller and edit the properties - i'd rather have things be 'clean' and all Web-based.  However, if they mistype/misspell something in the Custom Properties screen when adding a node, they could screw up the alerts.  True/false fields are easy,  but text fields are not.

      So - is there a way to make these drop-down boxes based on existing values?  I.e. we only use a few device types - Network, Servers, Cluster Names, etc.. so i'd like to be able to lock in those values, or at least make some populate by default to reduce user error.  Possibly some type of Web validation?