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    Announcing General Availability of NCM v7.0


      We are proud to announce the General Availability of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager or NCM v7.0.  You can download this new release from your customer portal, if you have an active maintenance.

      You can find the full release notes here.

      Upgrade instructions are in the section “Upgrading Orion Network Configuration Manager “on page 29 of the NCM v7.0 Administrator Guide.

      The content of NCM v7.0 has been described in this SolarWinds NCM 7.0: Sign-up for the upcoming Release Candidate now! but the most noticeable features are:

      ·       Config Change Request and Approval: Allows you to use an approval system through which all device config changes are approved before being executed against the relevant device(s).

      ·       Node Discovery and Management: Allows you to discover and manage nodes through the Orion Web Console in an interface common to all Orion products.

      ·       Account Management: Supports Windows Active Directory and streamlines account management by including NCM properties in the page of account properties common to all Orion products.

      ·       Compliance Report Output Controls: Gives users greater control over the presentation of compliance report data.

      ·       Network Atlas: Now part of all Orion products, and so available to standalone Orion NCM users, this component enables you to create topology maps of your network devices. It is a component now common to all Orion products and so available to all Orion NCM users.

      ·       Message, Event, Trap, and Syslog Tools: Also part of all Orion products, these configuration and visualization tools enables you to more effectively track device error states and configuration changes.

      Release Candidate Participants:

      The release candidate key is not a permanent key and will expire. For those customers that have been evaluating NCM v7.0 in production as part of the release candidate program using the release candidate key, you must re-activate your installation with a commercial license key.  This new license key is available in your customer portal.

      Failure to re-activate with your commercial license key may result in one or both of the following when the release candidate key expires: a request to enter a valid key upon launching of the desktop console; failure of the background backup configuration job.

      Obtain your commercial license key from the customer portal and follow the steps below to re-activate:

      ·       Step 1: Open the License Manager (Start > SolarWinds > SolarWinds License Manager)

      ·       Step 2: Click on the “Upgrade” link

      ·       Step 3: Enter the Commercial license key, available from you customer portal

      ·       Note: If your NCM server cannot access the SolarWinds license activation services (e.g. off-line server), you need to use the “Offline Manual Activation” option of the License Manager.

      ·       Step 4: Verify that your commercial license key is correctly activated, by reviewing the license details in the NCM Web Interface (Settings > License Details)

      We hope you enjoy this new release of NCM!